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Aly Millard M.Ed


Having spent five years as a classroom educator and specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis, I bring extensive experience in assisting children facing behavioral challenges, especially when these challenges hinder their academic and social achievements. My expertise lies in supporting children who struggle with behavior and emotional regulation, particularly within educational and social environments.

Empathy begins with listening and seeking to understand. I have built strong relationships with my clients and students by learning about and sharing in their interests and passions, giving them time and space to share with me, and valuing their input. Even the youngest of children deserve to have agency in their care, and to be given the tools and time to communicate their feelings and needs.

Treatment Strategies:

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)



Behavioral Issues

Peer Relationships

School Issues

Client Focus:

Toddler (0-5)   

Children (6-10)   

Preteen (11-13)

Language Spoken:


Aly Millard  M.Ed
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