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Founded on the shared vision of a supervisor and her supervisee, ITSCO was born out of a recognized need for accessible mental health care for youth. Observing the substantial barriers families faced in obtaining outside-school mental health services, our founders were inspired to create a solution that brought care directly to where the children are: in their schools.

Our inception was guided by two fundamental principles: the well-being of the clinician and the needs of the client. This dual focus ensured that we not only provided our services in the most accessible manner but also fostered an environment where therapists could thrive professionally.

Established with the conviction that mental health care is a critical component of a child’s overall well-being and educational success, ITSCO has been steadfast in its commitment to breaking down barriers to service. By prioritizing the clinician-client relationship, we have created a culture that values personal attention, therapeutic integrity, and the tailor-made treatment of every individual we serve.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our history remains a testament to our enduring dedication to the mental health of our community’s youth, and our unwavering commitment to the professionals who make our mission possible.

“To create a future where every individual—child, teen, and adult—has access to the mental wellness support they need to flourish academically, personally, and in their community, with a foundational commitment to nurturing the mental health of our children through dedicated, confidential therapy in schools.”



“ITSCO is dedicated to enhancing mental well-being across all ages by providing high-quality, accessible counseling services directly within schools for children and adolescents, as well as comprehensive mental health care for adults and families in our communities. Our mission is to empower every individual on their journey to personal growth and resilience.”



Promote mental health as fundamental to student success.

  1. Ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed academically and personally through our support.

  2. Advance the holistic growth of our youth by addressing their mental health needs in a dedicated and confidential setting.

  3. Make mental health therapy accessible to all children, overcoming common barriers such as transportation and counselor availability.







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