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why ITSCO?

Welcome to ITSCO, where our mission is to bridge the gap in access to mental health care for children and adolescents directly in their schools, especially in underserved communities. Born from a visionary idea to make mental wellness support a cornerstone of educational success, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible counseling services. As part of our team, you embody the hope and expertise that guide young individuals towards resilience and potential. Our work is driven by values of empathy, innovation, and integrity, aiming to ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally. Join us in shaping a future where mental health support is readily accessible, fostering a generation of well-rounded, empowered individuals.

We make a difference

At ITSCO, we seek clinicians who are not just skilled in their craft but are also passionate advocates for mental health accessibility. Ideal candidates are empathetic, innovative, and committed to continuous learning, ready to make a profound impact in the lives of children and adolescents through dedicated school-based therapy. We value professionals who possess a blend of good judgment, open communication, and the ability to engage with diverse communities. Our team members are the pillars of our mission, guiding young individuals towards resilience and well-being with integrity and selflessness. If you are driven by the desire to transform lives within the educational setting and beyond, ITSCO is your platform to make a significant, lasting difference.


Good Judgment

Making wise decisions based on empathy and expertise.


Fostering a culture of learning and exploration to better understand and serve our clients. 


Putting the needs of the children and communities we serve above all else. 


Engaging in open, honest, and constructive dialogue.


Continuously seeking creative and effective ways to enhance our services. 


Striving to make a significant positive difference in the lives of our clients. 


Upholding integrity in every action and interaction. 

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